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Arta Usaha Mandiri


Servo Motor Panasonic

Sell Panasonic Servo Motor

We sell Panasonic Servo Motor which is aware of the fast / high-precision response used in production sites and semiconductor robots. Our extensive lineup supports a variety of controls and communication methods allowing you to choose the right motor for your needs.

CV. Arta Usaha Mandiri Sell Panasonic Servo Motor which is commonly used for typical applications:
- Semiconductor Production Equipment
- Electronic Component Installation Machine
- Robot
- Metal Components / Processing Machines
- Woodworking machinery
- Textile Machinery
- Food Processing Machines / Packaging Machines
- Print / Plate Making Machine
- Medical equipment
- Conveyor Machine
- Paper / Plastic Makers, etc.

Arta Usaha Mandiri

Welcome to Arta Usaha Mandiri. We are a company that established since 2017 engaged in industrial Inverter, PLC, Slanvert Inverter, PLC Panasonic, ABB Inverter, HMI. We were in Jl Delta Sari Indah AV No. 33-34 Perum Deltasari, Waru, Sidoarjo. Discover the variety of our best products (Jasa Program PLC, Panel Listrik, Panel ATS Genset, Box Panel, Inverter ABB, PLC Siemens) with quality and the best price you can get.

Arta Usaha Mandiri

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