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HMI or the so-called Human Machine Interface Module Screen in the form of Touch Screen and Keypad to monitor, operate and control the machine or process in a factory. CV. Arta Usaha Mandiri Sell HMI Weintek, we are the official Distributor of HMI Touch Screen Weintek in Indonesia, and have become a reliable partner with excellent service and always strive to provide quality Weintek HMI products. The main reason we provide services in the field of Touch Screen HMI by using Weintek Products is because Weintek is a brand and company that is consistent in providing innovations and various developments in the world of Human Machine interfaces that keep up with technological advances and the latest trends in a variety of innovations currently developing.

CV. Arta Usaha Mandiri is committed to always providing the best service to customers and users of HMI Weintek, both in terms of providing Hardware and as a Support Integrator to develop customer needs in the world of Automation Industry. We not only sell HMI Weintek, but also will always try to provide support for customers and input for the development of Weintek HMI in the future so that it is always the choice of customers in meeting the needs in the world of automation. In the world of industrial automation Front Panel Interface Units before using it we must first create an application (project) according to the desired function.

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